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SERVICES | Private School Teachers Tutoring Service


Here at Private School Teachers Tutoring Service, we have an excellent track record in tutoring primary and secondary-level students of widely varying abilities. Our highly experienced teachers work hard to offer professional, encouraging and genuinely beneficial tutoring, and we are proud to do everything we can to ensure a brighter future for every single one of our learners.

As a focussed tutoring service based in Newtown, we are able to provide tailored educational programs to students nationally.

The right guidance

Every child is different, and this is one of the primary principles we operate under. Some kids may struggle with a certain subject while others may have severe difficulties with learning in general, and that is where our caring teachers step in. We thoroughly assess each student's current level of understanding, which enables us to design a custom tutoring program to keep them motivated and nurture their academic confidence.

Private tutors

Our qualified tutors are extremely enthusiastic about their specialist subjects, focusing on positive psychology to make learning fun and interesting again. We teach English, Maths, Business Management, Legal Studies, Accounting, Physics and Chemistry to students in their primary and secondary school years, including those with special educational needs. Our teachers are highly qualified and registered to provide special needs tutoring services, so please do let us know if your child requires any extra help.

Professional development

Our tutoring services are all designed to enhance your child's professional development, helping them to achieve their university dreams both at home and overseas. Whether your child needs tuition after school or in place of it, Private School Teachers Tutoring Service can provide a quality service.

Our private tutoring services could do wonders for your child's learning, so talk to us now on 0420 945 737 to find out more